How a Coloring Page Becomes a Quilt

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Remember Allie Aller's blog post about inspiration last week? She mentioned (oh so briefly!) getting inspiration from Playful Designs Coloring Book... well, today we're sharing that story, from inspiration to finished quilt!

Below is the beautiful medallion that first inspired Allie. She says, "Coloring books are an obvious source of inspiration for stained glass design... Patty Young's book yielded the perfect design for me."

Here is the in-progress quilt, with leading added. At this stage, Allie checked with Patty to make sure it would be alright to use this quilt as an example in her book... Patty gave her enthusiastic permission, saying "WOW! That's a beautiful quilt!" Now Silk Rose Window, as Allie named it, just needs to be quilted! 

And here's the final, blow-you-away design! I love how the inspiration from Patty's design even extends to binding a circular quilt. 

For detailed instructions on how to create your own stunning stained glass quilt, pick up a copy of Allie Aller's Stained Glass Quilts, Reimagined. And to get inspired to create your own quilt design, pick up a copy of Patty Young's Playful Designs Coloring Book!

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