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Who doesn't love working with wool? The beautiful, rich colors, the soft feel of the fabric, the way your needle slides through so easily . . . but as all wool lovers know, wool is best when paired with other fabrics, too! The contributors to our new book,  Sweet & Simple Wool Appliqué, are certainly believers in this adage. From linen to silk, these wool devotees have gotten creative in their fabric pairings! Get inspired by their fearless mixing and matching, plus read on for a special giveaway!

Renée Plains has appliquéd folk-art style birds, berries, and vines made of wool onto a primitive-looking linen base for this utterly charming pinkeep. 

Wool and cotton is a classic pairing! This table runner, created by Lori Brechlin, pairs different colors and patterns of wool and cotton prints with almost reckless abandon.

Wool and flannel make natural sewing buddies, as they are very similar in texture. This Honey Bee Pincushion was made by Betty Edgell. 

Who would have thought denim made such a perfect base for wool appliqué? Debbie Duckworth, embellisher of this jean jacket, that's who!

The wonderfully nubby texture of silk matka pairs nicely with with a brown wool cap to create this strawberry pinkeep, designed by Stacy Nash.

Oh, and did we mention a giveaway? We have six pieces of wool and wool felt pieces (36" x 36") from National Wovens, and one lucky reader will win them, plus a Sweet & Simple Appliqué ebook!

To enter the giveaway, click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway. Giveaway ends 8/29, so enter now!

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