Make next-level thermoplastic cosplay props!

Make next-level thermoplastic cosplay props!

Jun 26th 2023

In the ever-evolving world of cosplay and prop-making, one aspect that can truly elevate your creations to the next level is the use of thermoplastics. These versatile materials have gained significant popularity among enthusiasts and professionals alike, allowing them to bring their imaginative designs to life with incredible precision and durability. The first volume of the Ultimate Cosplay Encyclopedia series Armor Up! Thermoplastics, by Christopher Tock, Chad Van Wye, and Sammy Van Wye, walks cosplayers through everything you need to know about working with plastics and synthetic materials.

Featured inside is knowledge from over ten cosplay industry experts, including Muholland Art, Plexi Cosplay, Tiffany Gordon Cosplay, Alkali Layke, and many more! From beginner to expert-level tutorials, you will be able to create base pieces and finish your designs with techniques on heat form, color, modifying, and more.This book is a great resource for veteran cosplayers and beginners still learning about the world of cosplay. This book helps simplify plastics by including step-by-step instructions on how to work with these intimidating materials. Cosplayers will use these instructions to create props, armor, accessories, and more. 


In the book, readers learn how to detail EVA foam horns using Wonderflex and Worbla to get different textures and accents. By simply wrapping EVA foam with Worbla, and then applying heat, you’re able to create any sized accessory, like horns! This technique is used in a demo on making Ribbed Horns with Wonderflex.

 Armor Up! Thermoplastics

Tools and Materials

You’re set to create something unique with a few tools and materials. Paired with the book's heating, wrapping, and layering techniques, you can make any shape and style of horns for your next cosplay.

 Armor Up! Thermoplastics


This requires wrapping coiled Wonderflex and simultaneously applying heat so it sticks to the EVA foam and creates the desired ribbed texture.

Armor Up! Thermoplastics

Completed Horns 

Make the finishing touches with larger pieces of Wonderflex. Apply the wrapping and heating techniques to larger pieces of Wonderflex on the entire horn to make your canvas smoother for painting or embellishing.

For second technique demonstration is creating a different type of textured cosplay horns: Spiraled Horns. The technique for this horn style is similar where it requires a wrapping and heating technique, but this project requires an added layering technique. Instead of coils, you cut out strips of Worbla or Wonderflex and apply a wrapping and layering technique.

This demonstration is paired with helpful tips along the way on adhering Worbla and Wonderflex together.

Armor Up! Thermoplastics

After painting and embellishing the horns, your end product will look perfect with your cosplay.

Armor Up! Thermoplastics

These are some of many techniques and demos illustrated in the book. Make high-quality horns, swords, shields, and more thermoplastic props with the expert cosplay knowledge in Armor Up! Thermoplastics.


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