Kim Diehl’s Mystery Stitch-Along: Installment #8

Kim Diehl’s Mystery Stitch-Along: Installment #8

Sep 22nd 2023

Welcome to Installment #8 of Kim Diehl’s Mystery Stitch-Along! Read below to find directions for cutting and piecing fabric.


From each of 6 assorted bitty bricks, cut:

  • 2 strips, 1 1⁄2" × 10 1⁄2"; crosscut each strip into:
    • 2 rectangles, 1 1⁄2" × 3 1⁄2" (total of 4, combined total of 24)
    • 2 squares, 1 1⁄2" × 1 1⁄2" (total of 4, combined total of 24)
  • Organize the pieces by print into 6 Snowball Variation patchwork sets.

From the remainder of the black fat quarter, cut:

  • 6 squares, 1 1⁄2" × 1 1⁄2"
  • 5 binding strips, 2 1⁄2" × 21" (For Kim’s chubby binding technique described in Simple Whatnots III, reduce the strip width to 2".)

From the assorted cream scraps, cut a combined total of:

  • 24 squares, 1 1⁄2" × 1 1⁄2"


  1. Using Simple Whatnots III, refer to the This and That project and follow “1 Snowball Variation Block” on page 70 to piece a total of six Snowball Variation blocks. Note that each block is made using one of the six Snowball Variation patchwork sets and a black center square.
  2. Referring to the illustration, lay out three Snowball Variation blocks and three Double Pinwheel blocks from Part 7. Join the blocks. Press. Repeat to piece a total of two patchwork borders measuring 3 1⁄2" × 18 1⁄2", including the seam allowances.
  3. Using the illustration as a guide, join a patchwork border to the top and bottom edges of the quilt top. Press. The completed Scavenger Hunt quilt top should measure 18 1⁄2" × 24 1⁄2", including the seam allowances.
  4. Layer and baste the quilt top, batting, and backing; quilt the layers. The quilt shown was quilted with an overall orange peel design. Join the black binding strips to make one length and use it to bind the quilt. I hope you’ve enjoyed this bonus mystery stitch-along!


  • You will need a copy of Simple Whatnots III for individual block instructions for this mystery quilt.
  • Page numbers referenced in each section may differ if you’re using an eBook, so project names and section titles are referenced to help you easily find the needed steps.
  • For the best use of your fabrics, please save your scraps each week to use in subsequent weeks.

Use this link for a printable version of the instructions.


This is the final installment of Kim Diehl’s Mystery Stitch-Along. Follow Kim Diehl on Instagram and use the hashtag #SimpleWhatnotsIIIMysteryStitchAlongReboot to post your progress and finished quilt!

For more information on the Simple Whatnots III Mystery Stitch-Along, including the supply list and schedule, visit the first stitch-along blog post here.