Do You Love Precut Quilts?

Do You Love Precut Quilts?

Posted by Liz Aneloski on Sep 22nd 2016

Precut quilts have become all the rage in recent years. And why shouldn’t they? Today’s quilters are very busy people who constantly struggle to balance the demands of family, home, work, and friends, with little time to devote to creative outlets. Hectic lives do not provide much time for quilting. Precut fabric bundles have taken away a lot of the “work,” so quilters can get right to the fun of making a quilt instead of spending hours choosing fabrics and cutting pieces. 

A side effect of those wonderful little bundles of joy called precuts is that they are also very addicting. If you are anything like me, then you probably buy precut fabrics faster than you can use them up, right? Every time you visit your local quilt shop or browse your favorite online stores, you can’t resist adding “just one more” set of strips or an extra fat-quarter bundle to the already-exploding fabric stash in your sewing room. It’s a delightful problem, but a problem nonetheless. 

I Love Precut Quilts! by Tricia Lynn Maloney is here to rescue you! Consider this book to be your knight in shining armor … your saving grace … or perhaps simply the inspiration to get your groove on and use those delightful precuts that you’ve been collecting. Of course, if you don’t have your own towering stacks of precuts, this book may be the motivation you need. So run—don’t walk—to your nearest quilt shop or computer and start grabbing them up for yourself. 

Turn the pages to find a collection of sixteen go-to designs that will almost make themselves. Yes! Really. … With the work of selecting coordinating fabrics and some of the cutting done before you even open the package, you are already partly there. The projects include wall quilts, throws, table runners, place mats, and quilts for every bed in your home. 

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