Annye's Favorite Tools

Annye's Favorite Tools

Posted by Annye Driscoll on Feb 9th 2024

The sheer amount of stuff involved in cosplay is often overwhelming; it’s truly like a million creative hobbies in one! And for many of us, as we grow as cosplayers we also add to our list of sub-hobbies (leather working! 3-d printing! wig sculpture! tambour embroidery! The list goes on!). Today, though, I wanted to share some of my favorite tools and supplies to celebrate the release of The Ultimate Glue Guide.

  • Contact cement and silicone makeup brushes: You know I have to start with the adhesive! Contact cement is incredible on lots of materials and pretty good on lots more; I just love its versatility and strength. Silicone makeup brushes are perfect for applying contact cement since the cement peels right off when it’s cured - no waste! 
  • My expensive sewing machine: I bought my fancy machine with money I won in a cosplay contest so it’s both technically and psychologically special. It has dual feed-dogs so I don’t have to help my beloved pleather through the machine!
  • Saran wrap and masking tape: If you don’t know the wrap and tape method, do yourself a huge favor and google “saran wrap and duct tape patterning.” Many cosplayers use this method to pattern their armor, but I use it for everything, including patterning for sewing. I especially like using the technique on built props and armor to pattern their details.

  • My rotary cutter: I’m a left-hander living in a world full of right-handed scissors. Using a rotary cutter makes everything faster and more accurate.
  • My workshop: In late 2023 my dad and I finished renovating my garage into a stupendous workshop space. It features a sewing nook, a massive work table on wheels, a rubbermaid attic for costume storage, and gorgeous wood beams. It’s my favorite place in the world! 

I hope you’ll check out my new book: The Ultimate Glue Guide. Keep an eye out for a virtual blog tour and for release events in Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland OH.


Annye Driscoll has won multiple best-in-show awards, is a repeat finalist for Riot Games’ State Farm x LCS cosplay contest, and has been published by Entertainment Weekly and Marvel Becoming. Annye lives in Ohio with their husband, cats, horse, and school of fancy guppies. Find them on Instagram at @makerfishmeal.