Beaded Embroidery Handy Pocket Guide

40+ Stitches

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Imprint C&T Publishing
Dimensions 4.0" x 6.0"
ISBN 9781644035313

Christen J Brown ––

A compact guide to beaded embroidery stitching

Bead embroidery is a technique where the beads are stitched onto a piece of fabric using a special beading thread and needle to form a design, a border row, or an individual stitch. This pocket guide is the perfect place to start—or continue—your exploration of beaded embroidery. With an introduction to the craft and its essential beading techniques and an overview of supplies you’ll need, you can tackle any of the 40+ beaded stitches demonstrated in the book. Beaded stitches include traditional bead embroidery styles and other unique techniques to accommodate the particular characteristics of your bead shapes and sizes.

  • How-to beginner guide to beaded embroidery equipped with basic techniques and tips.
  • Gain practical skills to incorporate any bead shape and size in your embroidery craft.
  • Play with 40+ versatile beaded embroidery stitches that will bring your work a stunning visual and dimensional aspect.


eISBN: 9781644035320

UPC: 734817205494