Christen Brown

brown-christen-2015.jpgChristen Brown was born in Manhattan Beach, California, and spent her formative years in Torrance, California. She first became interested in fiber arts when she began making clothing for her dolls as a child. After graduating from high school, she continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Merchandise and Design in Los Angeles, where she graduated with an associate of arts in fashion design. She continues to be interested in craft and fine art and continues to experiment and learn about design in general, specifically in the techniques of embroidery, quilting, ribbonwork, and beadwork.

Christen began her career in the wearable art field in 1986. Her work has been shown in galleries and at fashion shows all over the world. She has been invited on multiple occasions to participate in both the Fairfield and Bernina fashion shows.

Her work has been included in The Costume-Maker's Art, The Button Lover's Craft Book, Michaels Create! Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, and Vision: Quilts of a New Decade, to name but a few publications.

Christen is now concentrating on writing and publishing her work. Her books Ribbonwork Gardens and Embroidered & Embellished were published by C&T Publishing. She has written several articles for PieceWork magazine, a publication that explores the history of needlework. She has also been published in Threads magazine.

Christen has already had a remarkable journey through life and has set several goals for the future: to continually be inspired, to be creative, and to be necessary. She works and teaches out of her home studio in San Diego, California, and teaches several times a year locally and online. You can visit the author at her website - christenbrown- and her blog - 1creativeone.wordpress

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