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Adventures in Improv Quilts

Master Color, Design & Construction


Cindy Grisdela –– 

Find inspiration in improv and start your journey with bold colors and unique designs!

Improv expert Cindy Grisdela shares the design principles and construction strategies for successful quilts every time. Explore three different ways to create improvisationally, from the easiest—using one block in different colors and orientations—to combining block units using various techniques—to aspirational, free cutting the entire quilt and designing it on the wall before sewing. Finished creations result in one-of-a-kind artwork!

  • Master three different improvisational styles to create original works of art
  • Design and construction process made easy with expert strategies
  • Guided exercises will have you creating stunning Improv quilts in no time!


8.5" x 11"
96 pages
ISBN: 9781644030691
UPC: 734817-114338
eISBN: 9781644030707



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