Cindy Grisdela


Cindy Grisdela is an award-winning fiber artist with over 30 years of experience creating eye-catching quilts. From her studio overlooking a lake in Reston, Virginia, Cindy draws inspiration for her contemporary quilts from the colors and textures she sees outside her window every day, from the pebbles on the path and currents in water to the colors of a meadow. She is fascinated with color and likes to use fabric the way a painter might use paint.

Cindy's work has evolved over the years from her start as a traditional quiltmaker to a more unique, modern style. Not knowing exactly how a design is going to turn out before she starts is one of her favorite parts of the improvisational process. Anything can happen, and that's exciting. She encourages her students to embrace the process and let go of the rules to discover their inner creativity.

Cindy travels extensively, showing and selling her work at well-known events including the Baltimore Craft Show, the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, the Palm Beach Fine Craft Show, the Chicago One of A Kind Show, and the Washington Craft Show. Her quilting designs have been published in books and magazines.

For more information, visit Cindy's website and blog at, or follow her on Instagram @cindygrisdelaquilts.

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Cindy teaches online at Creative Spark Online Learning. Click button below to view a list of courses.