Stumpwork Embroidery & Thread Painting

Stitch 3-D Nature Motifs

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Page count 160
Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644034149

Megan Zaniewski ––

Realistic embroidery that soars out of the hoop!

Embroidery reaches a new level of splendor with Megan Zaniewski’s stumpwork embroidery techniques. In this book of nature-inspired pieces and projects, you will learn the essentials of thread painting, creating 3D elements that make your embroidery leap off of the fabric, and finishing techniques that allow your final project to shine. Stitch adorable, fuzzy creatures, intricately beautiful insects, and lively botanicals. Then, use them to decorate your home or adorn your wardrobe as unique accessories. Whether you are just beginning with embroidery or are a seasoned stitcher, Stumpwork Embroidery & Thread Painting will help take your projects to a new level of beauty and realism.

  • Create breathtakingly realistic home decor and accessory projects with 3D stumpwork and thread painting techniques.
  • Every detail of the intricate insects and fuzzy creatures is broken down into simple stitches, making this book accessible to makers of all skill levels.
  • Includes miniature embroidery that can adorn small pendants and frames.


eISBN: 9781644034156

UPC: 734817-115601