Silicone Release Paper

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Imprint C&T Publishing
Dimensions 8.5" x 11.0"
ISBN 9781607052005

Non-Stick Appliqué • Release • Transfer Paper

• The BEST sizes for both small & large patterns in one convenient package
• Trace and transfer any sized pattern with ease
• Protect delicate art surfaces, as well as your iron and ironing board
• Handy non-stick work surface for projects using mediums and adhesives
• Many creative uses for appliqué and other art and craft projects

10 sheets
8.5 x 11 plus 2 sheets 17 x 22
9 x 12 pkg
UPC: 734817-201342

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it matter which side of the paper is drawn on?
A: No, both sides are the same.

Q: Is it best to use pencil or a marker?
A: Most pencils and markers work fine, but we have found that either a Sharpie brand marker or a graphite pencil work the best.

Q: I want to use it for embroidery purposes, so should I iron the transfer on "drawn side" down?
A: The side with your markings needs to be touching the fabric you want to transfer to, using either with an iron or with a burnishing tool.

Q: Can I run it through my printer?
A: This paper is not recommended for use with printers - inkjet won't stick to the silicone surface, and laser is too hot. This paper is intended for hand-traced or drawn transfers, as well as for use as a handy non-stick surface.

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