Sew Small - 19 Little Bags

Don’t Fear the Zipper

Learning to Sew Bags with Zippers


Sew Small‑19 Little Bags

By Jennifer Heynen


Class Description:
This is a beginner class that is great for sewists who are afraid of including a zipper in their projects. Learning the techniques of installation will give sewists the skills they need to complete any of the other projects in this book. Sewists will complete the Ruffled Brush Bag in class.


Class Length:
2–3 hours.


Class Supply List:

  • Sew Small‑19 Little Bags book
  • 3 fat quarters or 1/4 yard pieces
  • 1/4 yard medium-weight fusible interfacing
  • 1 yard of piping (see note below)
  • 2 yards of ribbon
  • 2˝ of 1˝-wide ribbon
  • 8˝ zipper
  • 3/4” D-ring


If desired, techniques to make piping can be taught as an additional skill in this class (instead of students buying premade piping).


Classroom Preparation:
It is helpful for students to have rotary cutters and sewing machines in class.


Class Agenda:

1. Cut the pieces.

2. Assemble the front of bag (add making piping here if desired).

3. Install zipper tabs (steps 6–12).

4. Finish and embellish.