Quick Little Landscape Quilts Class Plan

by Joyce R. Becker

Quick Little Landscape Gifts

Class Description

  • All levels - no quilting experience required
  • Design at least one Quick Little Landscape quilt in class, maybe two
  • Go home with a complete project in just one session

Class Length

  • Six hours, including lunch
  • Can be taught in a two-part series
  • First session is basic techniques
  • Second session is surface design embellishment, including free-motion embroidery, overlays of Angelina, dryer lint, tulle, etc., painting with inks or wax pastels, etc.

Class Supplies

  • Required text: Quick Little Landscape Quilts by Joyce R. Becker
  • 1 or more sheets of fast2fuse® Stiff Interfacing - size 8” x 10” or larger
  • 1 or more 8” x 10” (or larger) photo mats in colors that enhance your fabrics (colored mats look much better than plain white). Look for different styles – ovals, double matted, etc.
  • 505 Repositionable Spray and Fix Adhesive or fabric glue sticks
  • Heavy-duty starch (not sizing)
    TIP:  Make your own with concentrated liquid starch: 2/3 starch, 1/3 water in a spray bottle
  • Sharp embroidery or Fiskar Razor-sharp Soft Touch scissors, any size
  • Teflon pressing sheet
  • Fabric and fiber pieces or scraps, at least 8” x 10” size (larger if you design a larger quilt) in the appropriate scale for miniature landscape elements—sky, water, grass, mountains, trees, etc. Refer to the Supplies section and Chapter 3 for details.
  • Optional: If you would like to stitch in class, bring a sewing machine with ability to lower feed dogs; free-motion foot; clear monofilament thread; empty bobbin; matching threads (I recommend variegated or blendable-type cotton threads and lightweight matching bobbin threads such as Wonderfil’s Invisifil or Superior’s Bottom Line.)

Classroom Preparation
This workshop requires at least two ironing stations equipped with Teflon Pressing Sheets. Depending on table sizes, at least two students can work per table. Most students will begin stitching in a six-hour workshop, so provide enough power cords for all the students to plug in their machines. All machines need to be able to do free-motion work or lower feed-dogs. Students can bring their own machines if necessary.

Class Outline - Refer to the book for page numbers as noted

  1. Determine what size you want to make your finished design. Come to class with the appropriate size mat (p10). You can select a frame later (p46-47).
  2. Come to class with an inspiration or idea for your Quick Little Landscape quilt (p8-10).
  3. Build correct perspective into your designs based on the scale and value of the fabrics (p4-6).
  4. Once your design is fused and glued into place, “baste” into place around each raw edge and the outside perimeter of the design (p15).
  5. Add overlays for perspective, if desired (p11-14) and other surface design embellishments including machine embroidery (p16-19) and color enhancements (p 20-23).