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Joyce R. Becker


A Prize-winning quilter, Joyce R. Becker focuses her art, writing, teaching and lecturing on landscape quilts. Joyce’s books, Quick Little Landscape Quilts, Beautifully Embellished Quilts, and Luscious Landscapes were published by C&T Publishing.

Her new book, Beautiful Landscape Quilts, will be published in February of 2022.  Joyce’s online lecture, Beautiful Landscape Quilts, was taped in her home and she invites you to a fun-filled, humorous lecture where she shows a collection of her landscape quilts and how she decorates her studio and home with them. Along the way, she shares tips and tricks about some of the techniques she uses when creating these beautiful quilts. This lecture is now available through Creative Spark. An online workshop titled Quick Little Landscape Quilts will be available soon through Creative Spark. 

Joyce has made appearances on: QUILTING ARTS TELEVISION with Susan Brubaker Knapp, The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson, and M’Liss’s World of Quilts. She was also featured on a promotional DVD for the Tsukineko Company.  Joyce was a founding board member of the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters and has volunteered throughout her region. Her quilts have been displayed internationally in contests and invitational exhibits and have appeared in books, magazines, and on television. Joyce’s works has been featured in many mainstream quilting magazines, including Quilting Arts Magazine. Joyce has enjoyed teaching on cruises with Quilt Camp at Sea including: cruises through the Panama Canal, Mexico, Alaska, and the New England coast. She has taught and lectured throughout the United States for guilds and large conferences, including the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, Empty Spools conference in California, and conferences in Canada and New Zealand. She was a Featured Artist at Quilt Expo in Portland, Oregon in 2016. A resident of Kent Washington, Joyce enjoys spending time with her husband, Donald, their children and grandchildren. She also enjoys hanging out with her long-time quilting friends who are members of “The Thursday Group.”

Joyce's lively sense of humor and positive attitude result in lectures and workshops that inspire, inform, and entertain quilters as she travles throughout the world. If you are interested in a booking, Joyce's web site,, includes up-to-date information.

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Joyce teaches online at Creative Spark Online Learning. Click button below to view a list of courses.