Q is for Quilt Class Plan

by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes

Beginning Quiltmaking: Seven 2-1/2 hour classes
(refer to page 110 for class outline and diagram of sampler quilt)

Student Supply List

  • Textbook: Q is for Quilt by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes
  • Fabric: An assortment of 1/4 - 1/2 yard pieces
  • Sewing machine or hand sewing needle and quilting thread
  • 100% cotton thread, neutral color for machine
  • Cutting tools: cutting mat, rotary cutter and wide plastic rulers (6" x 12" and 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" square)

Teacher's Supply List

  • Demonstration boards with sample blocks for each class (foam core boards covered with flannel work well)
  • Cutting tools
  • Sampler quilt

Class One

  1. Parts of a Quilt - page 9
  2. Planning, Supplies & Equipment, Fabric Selection - pages 9-12
  3. Techniques: Quick-Cutting and Strip Piecing - pages 95-98
  4. Demonstrations: Nine-Patches (make seven) and Fence (make one set) - pages 14-17

Class Two

  1. Techniques: Half-Square Triangles and Quarter-Square Triangles - pages 27, 42
  2. Demonstrations: Half-Square Triangles (make nine) and Birdhouse (make two) - pages 27, 44

Class Three

  1. Techniques: More Quick-Cutting
  2. Demonstrations: Square-in-a-Square (make five) and Basket (make two from one Square-in-a-Square block) - pages 48, 51

Class Four

  1. Techniques: More Quick-Cutting and Appliqué
  2. Demonstrations: House (make one) and Appliquéd Bird, Apples and Leaves - pages 63, 98

Class Five

  1. Putting it All Together - page 101
    Note for Teachers: Spend time demonstrating how to straighten edges and square-up blocks before sewing them together.

Class Six

  1. Layering and Basting - page 104
    Student supplies needed:
    • quilt top, batting, backing
    • For machine quilting: masking tape and safety pins
    • For hand quilting: masking tape, straight pins, darning needle, light colored thread for basting and small scissors

Class Seven

  1. Demonstrations: Quilting and Binding
    Note for Teachers: Encourage students to bring a practice piece to work on before beginning to quilt on their class project. It is also helpful to bring a 1-7/8" strip of fabric to make a binding sample which can be used as a reference at a later time when needed.
    Student supplies needed:
    • For machine quilting: sewing machine, walking foot, darning foot, thread, scissors
    • For hand quilting: quilting hoop, thimble, quilting needles (betweens), quilting thread, finger cots, small scissors