Pinecone Quilts

Keeping Tradition Alive, Learn to Make Your Own Heirloom

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Page count 104
Imprint C&T Publishing
Dimensions 8.5" x 11.0"

Betty Ford-Smith ––

Piecing the past with pinecone quilts

Pinecone quilts, also known as Pine Burr, are made with folded triangles sewn side-by-side onto a foundation in concentric circles. Educator and quilter Betty Ford-Smith keeps the tradition of pinecone quilts alive by passing on the rich history of the Pinecone quilt and detailed instructions on creating your pinecone quilt. She shares her knowledge of Pine Cone quilting mastery and even some of her beloved teacher, Miss Sue, life's anecdotes and cautionary tales given to her during their quilting lessons together.

  • Make five home decor projects with helpful tips to assist along the way
  • Learn the origins and inspirations of Pinecone quilts and their place in Southern and African-American history
  • Browse through a gallery of student and author-made quilts and resources for learning more about African influences on Southern art

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