Modern Papermaking

Techniques in Handmade Paper, 13 Projects

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Page count 128
Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644033074

Kelsey Pike ––

The ultimate guide to papermaking

Making your own paper is a mesmerizing and versatile craft. Let Modern Papermaking show you how to create countless paper sheets with a few tools and practice. Among many other things, the paper you make can be a foundation for painting, illustration, stationery, and lettering. Handmade paper can upgrade the starting point of your creative work, or you can use the techniques to create stand-alone works of art to display, gift, and share. The craft is relatively easy and accessible since all the essential tools and supplies needed can be DIY'd, recycled, and thrifted.

  • Includes 13 projects, ranging from bold and eye-catching to professional and fine-art quality
  • Get tips and practical advice on selling your one-of-a-kind paper collections for other makers to use in their 2D work.
  • With an endless variety of add-ins and decorative techniques, papermaking is an infinitely entertaining skill.


UPC: 9781644033074


eISBN: 9781644033081