Mastering Machine Applique, 2nd Ed. Class Plan

by Harriet Hargrave

Notes to Instructors and Shop Owners
Harriet Hargrave has prepared this lesson plan for your use in developing classes in machine applique using her book Mastering Machine Applique, 2nd Edition, a comprehensive workbook of numerous machine applique techniques. Many separate classes are possible using Mastering Machine Applique, 2nd Edition, or you can create an ongoing classthat works through the entire book.

Harriet suggests that students begin with mastering the Satin Stitch before continuing on with more challenging techniques. Complete mastery of the machine will serve the student well when attempting the more difficult maneuvers of Invisible Machine and Blanket Stitch techniques.

Mastering Machine Applique, 2nd Edition is a complete step-by-step study of each applique process. In-depth information on machine settings, supplies (by brand name for easy shopping) and equipment will help the instructor with the technical problems that always occur in a machine class.

It would be a great idea to make and display samples and finished quilts using the various techniques. They will arouse customer interest, enhance the book, and increase sales. Mastering Machine Applique, 2nd Edition will turn your non-applique customers into applique addicts!!

CLASS DESCRIPTION The possibilities are endless for wonderful, perfect appliques in a fraction of the time it takes to hand applique, and they will look the same! Whether you are exploring Invisible Machine Applique, Blanket Stitch, or Stained Glass ideas, you will be amazed at how easy and fast perfect applique can be.

Depends on combination desired. Suggested classes:
6 hours - Satin Stitch Applique
4 hours - Invisible Machine Applique
6 hours - 3 hours of Invisible Machine, 3 hours of mixed techniques such as Blanket Stitch, Stained Glass, and curved piecing
3 hours - Stained Glass
4 hours - Cathedral Window pillow
4 hours - Drunkard's Path Baby quilt

Invisible Machine Applique, pages 67-93, using the Love Tulip block (pattern on page 93)


  • Required textbook: Mastering Machine Applique, 2nd Edition by Harriet Hargrave
  • Fabric: 12" square background, light solid suggested, plus prints to make tulip, stem/leaves, and heart
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors, paper, and fabric
  • Straight pins
  • Fabric basting glue stick (see page 22)
  • 60 weight/2 ply machine embroidery thread, white (see page 16)
  • Invisible nylon quilting thread (see page 16)
  • Open toe applique foot (see page 9)
  • Size 60/8 universal point needles (see page 10)
  • Freezer paper
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Iron, extension cord
  • Damp washcloth to clean fingers of glue residue

Ask students to bring Mastering Machine Applique, 2nd Edition to class for pattern transfer and for reference in machine preparation.

Teacher Preparation: Harriet suggests that you prepare samples showing the preparation techniques discussed on pages 67-79. You should also familiarize yourself with each technique discussed on pages 80-92. Using Chapters 11-15, progress through the instructions for completing the Love Tulip block with a hand-sewn appearance.

  1. Have the students trace each separate unit of the pattern on page 93 onto the paper side of freezer paper.
  2. Cut the pieces out on the line, explaining the importance of accuracy.
  3. Iron the paper pieces onto the wrong side of the chosen fabrics.
  4. Demonstrate cutting 3/16" seam allowances, and have students cut around all pieces 3/16".
  5. Demonstrate clipping and have students repeat.
  6. Demonstrate gluing edges over the paper.
  7. Set up sewing machine to tiny blindstitch.
  8. Demonstrate stitching.
  9. Show removal of paper after all sewing is completed.
  10. Press and admire.