Harriet Hargrave

Harriet Hargrave

Harriet started quilting seriously in 1974, working alongside her mom. Her early quilting career included producing baby quilts for craft shows and teaching adult education classes. In 1981, harriet opened her quilt shop, Harriet’s Treadle Arts. Her specialties at the time were free-motion embroidery, machine arts, and machine quilting.

In 1982, Harriet attended one of Mary Ellen Hopkins’s seminars. Mary Ellen’s streamlined techniques and innovative design ideas led harriet to a new way of thinking, which caused her to give up the machine arts and to teach only quilting. Today, she is world renowned for being a true "mover and shaker" in the quilt world. In the late 1990s, she was voted one of the "88 Leaders of the Quilt World."

Harriet created and inspired a whole new generation of machine quilters with her bestselling book Heirloom Machine Quilting, which has enjoyed 22 continuous years in print. She is also the author of Mastering Machine Appliqué and From Fiber to Fabric, and co-author of The Art of Classic Quiltmaking. She is responsible for a myriad of products pertaining to machine quilting, and she has developed batting with hobbs Bonded fibers and designed fabric for P&B Textiles.

Visit Harriet's web site at www.harriethargrave.com

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