Make It Simpler Fusible Interfacing

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Imprint CT Publishing
Dimensions 1.5" x 540.0"
ISBN 734817201595

Anita Grossman Solomon ––

More stability - less waste!

• Prevent stretch on bias edges of quilt blocks
• Stabilize quilt top edges before basting
• Fuse leftover pieces of batting together smoothly
• Stabilize buttonholes, collars, cuffs, inseams and more

Life just got easier with this handy roll of lightweight fusible interfacing! Whether you are a quilter, a sewer, or a crafter, there so many ways to use it to stabilize and reinforce your projects while you work. Create perfect triangle quilt blocks by cutting square blocks diagonally in half without worrying about stretch. Stabilize silks, knits and other delicate fabrics or use when repairing holes in socks and clothing. Use it for clean edges on your turned appliqué, as a foundation for fragile areas of crazy quilts, or even to reinforce the corners of bags and totes. Why cut up or waste bigger pieces of yardage when a thin strip will do the trick?

See the different ways to use Make It Simpler Fusible Interfacing on YouTube!

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1 1/2 inches x 15 yards
5 X 7 pkg
ISBN: 978-1-60705-510-5
UPC: 734817-201595

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