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Judy B. Dales

Judy Dales

Judy Dales began quilting more than thirty years ago, when tradition ruled the quilt world, so she learned to quilt the old fashioned way. Today, however, Judy combines high-tech tools with traditional design and drafting techniques to produce work that is unique and instantly recognizable.

Originally fascinated with geometric design, she has explored a variety of star patterns and Islamic mosaic designs. The discovery of curves, however, truly opened the door to creativity, and her work has become more expressive and personal since she began incorporating pieced curves into her quilts.

She has also invented a method of adding layers of transparent fabric to the background areas of her pieced designs which softens the edges and produces a look that is reminiscent of the bleeding effect of watercolor paints. Some of her newer work is a form of collage using chiffon and tulle which creates layer upon layer of color, a particularly rich effect.

Judy spends a great deal of her time teaching classes on color and design for quiltmakers. Judy lives in beautiful northern Vermont.

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