Joyful Gemstone Playing Cards

A Sparkling Deck of Standard Playing Cards Featuring MJ Kinman’s Faceted Quilts

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Imprint C&T Publishing
Dimensions 2.4" x 3.5"
ISBN 9781644030684

MJ Kinman –– 

Delight your game-playing friends with gemstone quilts

Stunning gemstone images from Gemstone Quilts by MJ Kinman spring to life in this imaginative deck of playing cards. Each image is shown in remarkable detail, so you can admire the exquisite detail and artistry of each quilt. So lovely you will want every card in your hand, these popular playing cards make a great gift for art lovers, but will be adored by all!

  • Unique set of playing cards featuring popular textile artist MJ Kinman’s gorgeous gemstone quilts
  • “Bourbon Diamond” playing card image also commissioned by Maker’s Mark Distillery for their permanent art collection
  • This set makes a fun gift for everyone—especially artists, quilters, and anyone who loves a good game

single deck of 52 cards
UPC: 734817-204657