Journey to Inspired Art Quilting: More Intuitive Color & Design by Jean Wells

Journey to Inspired Art Quilting

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    Jean Wells ––

    Discover your artistic voice

    Expand your creative horizons and embrace the process of developing your design skills using your own intuition. Jean provides you with more design guidelines and new exercises to hone your natural intuitive skills, then she encourages you to go out there and express yourself! Packed with inspiring quilt images, this book walks you through effective approaches to art quilting from journaling your ideas to unifying your design.

    • Continue your art quilting journey with Jean in this follow up to Intuitive Color & Design
    • Learn how to recognize those "big ideas" that become inspirational starting points for your art
    • 9 classroom-tested design assignments help you trust your creative instincts and develop distinctive work

    112p color
    8.5 x 11
    ISBN: 978-1-60705-580-8
    UPC: 734817-108795
    (eISBN: 978-1-60705-581-5)