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Gai Perry

Gai Perry

Gai Perry began her romance with quilting in 1981 and she has been pursuing this passion ever since.

In 1985 Gai started teaching color and design at local quilt shops and seminars. Because of her fondness for antiques, her focus was on making traditional-style quilts. By 1990 she had a desire to start painting again, but instead of working with brushes, she developed an original style of quilting she named "The Art of the Impressionist Landscape." She has written two books on the subject, Impressionist Quilts and Impressionist Palette.

In 1999 Gai wrote Color From the Heart; a fascinating collection of traditional color and design lessons and in 2001, Do-It-Yourself Framed Quilts was published. With the publication of 24 Quilted Gems in 2003, Gai says she is absolutely, positively going to get back into painting. We know all her students hope that she will take time out to teach classes and write more books!

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