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Free Project: Mini Nines Quilt


Do you have more scraps than you know what to do with? Use up your tiniest scraps with this free project taken from No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg.

Finished block: 3 1/2" × 3 1/2" • Finished quilt: 59 1/2" × 70"

When I first started making this quilt, I cut individual 1 ̋ × 1 ̋ squares and sewed them together to make the Nine-Patches. Thankfully a friend suggested that I use strip-piecing methods to make the Nine-Patch blocks in order to speed up the process. At first I was hesitant to do so, but after making a few blocks, I knew it was the only way to go. My speed dramatically increased and my piecing accuracy improved.