Free Project: kraft-tex Pocket Box Gem Ornament


This decorative kraft-tex project by Kerry Graham uses just one kraft-tex designer sheet, but you will want to make more than just one, so it’s a
good thing that the designer sampler pack comes with 7 sheets! These gems are both a functional gift box and a festive deco-
ration, perfect for any holiday party. Tuck away a magical note or a happy fortune inside each gem and fill a bowl with gems
or use as party place settings. Hang them on a tree or branch for each guest to take one. Scavenger hunts are fun! Place clues
in gems that will lead you to a treasure box full of prizes. Or a time capsule gem is cool to look into the past. Jot down favorite
sayings, tv shows, movies, books, best friends, maybe even a photo of the group. Stash away your gem in a special place, to be
opened at a later date. Whatever your gem is used for, it will add sparkle to the festivities.