Free Project Download: Delectable Mountains Quilt

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This beautiful free project, based on an original quilt from 1850, is from Pioneer Quilts. In Pioneer Quilts, Kay and Lori Lee Triplett tell the story of the American pioneers through antique quilts. Enjoy learning a little bit about history while creating your own version of this intricate quilt!

Delectable Mountains 103˝ × 103˝ (c. 1850)

Each pioneer was limited in what they could take on the journey. Many sold all of their belongings and traveled simply on their horse or mule, or even tougher, walked with the wagon train. If they did take furniture for the new sod home, it was taken apart to occupy the least amount of space, even sliding under the wagon seat. Space was allocated for needed supplies and food to build a new life.

Even with the limited number of items that could be taken on the journey, two books traveled with the majority of those going west: the Holy Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress. This quilt pattern is inspired by the eighth section of the journey in Pilgrim’s Progress. A pilgrim longs for the delectable mountains because those “mountains belong to the Lord;” in the delectable mountains there is protection for those who make the journey.

This quilt has a center medallion format, but added borders of quilting interspersed with the Delectable Mountain blocks add to the complexi-ties. Notice the star, created using the Delectable Mountain block, and the amazing quilting.