Free Project Download: Carolina Chain Quilt

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This wonderful, scrappy project comes from Addicted to Scraps by Bonnie K. Hunter. 

Finished block size: 9 ̋ × 9 ̋  • Finished quilt: 77 ̋ × 89 1/2 ̋

I love the positive/negative aspect of this traditional block, and any quilt that has chains running through it is a definite favorite in my book.

Because I already saved strips in the 2 ̋ width required for this terrifically fun and scrappy quilt, I was sewing in no time! Processing scraps at the end of any project is just part of the routine for me. I don’t want a box of random and untamed scrap sizes, so I set to work during the cleanup process to cut anything less than half a fat quarter into strips in a variety of usable sizes.

Having the scraps already cut—ready to go in various widths and with strips on hand in a variety of colors—makes it easy to dive right in to a project. Quilts requiring hundreds of different fabrics would be daunting if I had to take the time to iron fat quarters and cut strips before I could even start to cut the required pieces—not to mention how long it would take before I could actually sew something.