Doll Dress Boutique

Square-Neck Dresses for 18˝ Dolls



From Doll Dress Boutique

By Erin Hentzel


Class Description:
Learn to sew a lined, square-neck bodice with sleeves, while making a dress for 18
˝ dolls. Learn simple techniques that make sewing miniature fashions easy and fun.

Great for confident beginners and up, this class is excellent for learning new techniques: lining a bodice, pleating a skirt, sewing sleeves, gathering, creating casings, and sewing trims and embellishments. Students should leave with one dress completed.


Class Length:
Single class session of 4 hours.

NOTE: For all classes, the students must bring their project cut out and ready to start construction.

Class Supply List:

  • Required text: Doll Dress Boutique
  • Fabric per project requirements

Other Product Sales Opportunities:

  • Mighty Mini ironing board by Clover (see p. 8)
  • Super-fine glass-head pins
  • Ultra-thin, double-sided Velcro
  • Pinking shears
  • Small, sharp-pointed scissors for trimming threads
  • Wonder Tape
  • Alex Anderson's 4-in-1Essential Sewing Tool
  • Sewing Edge by Marci Baker
  • Perfect Piecing Seam Guide by Perkins
  • Seam gauge

  • Sewing machine needles—students should change their needle regularly
  • Hand-sewing needles

Classroom Preparation:
Set up an ironing station.


Class Agenda:
Student Homework Before Class:

1. Print or trace patterns and cut out project.

2. Pre-wind bobbins.

3. Pack machine and sewing supplies.


1. Encourage less experienced seamstresses to sew Views B and C, and encourage more experienced seamstresses to sew Views A, D, E, or the Bonus Designs (see p. 49).

2. Demonstrate using the Perkins Perfect Piecing Guide to set the machine needle and Sewing Edge adhesive strip to sew an accurate 1/4˝ seam.

3. Demonstrate how to fold, press, and sew bib piece (View E).

4. Demonstrate how to clip, turn, and use the 4-in-1Essential Sewing Tool to poke out corners of bib piece (View E).

5. Demonstrate how to mark pivot points on bodice prior to sewing neckline.

6. Demonstrate how to clip the seam allowances to the apex of the corners in bodice neckline.

7. Demonstrate how to sew and turn bodice if making sleeveless dress (Bonus Design, p. 49).

8. Demonstrate how to turn, press, and baste bodice (all views, except sleeveless Bonus Design).

9. Demonstrate using a sewing gauge to press accurate casings and hems.

10. Demonstrate how to pin and sew sleeves to bodice.

11. Demonstrate how to mark, fold, press, and baste pleated skirt piece (Views A and B).

12. Demonstrate how to fold, press, and sew growth pleats at hemline edge of skirt (View E).

13. Demonstrate how to sew gathers and evenly distribute gathers for skirt piece (Views C, D, E, and Bonus Designs on p. 49).

14. Demonstrate how to use Wonder Tape instead of pins for sewing trims and ribbons to dress.

15. Demonstrate how to clip, turn, and use the 4-in-1Essential Sewing Tool to poke out corners of the bodice detail piece (View A).

16. Demonstrate sewing the back closure.


For examples of student work:

  • Go to
  • Look at #DollDressBoutique and @AveryLaneSewing on Instagram

Encourage your students to post pictures of their work to social media with these tags and your shop's tags.