DIY for Witches

Make 22 Objects for Daily Magical Practice

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Page count 160
Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644032794

Marine Nina Denis & Flora Denis –– 

Witches and wizards, begin your magical journey!

Welcome to the world of witchcraft! When you practice magic, you must surround yourself with essential objects that will accompany you in everyday life, as well as in your work and rituals. The most effective tools will be those that you take the time to lovingly craft and truly bond with, right from the start. Create 22 magical objects to make for ritual, divination, at home, and on the go. These are easy-to-make tools you’ll turn to again and again in your magic works and your rituals from magic candles and fumigation sticks to runes and oracles and much more.

  • Start practicing witchcraft with this step-by-step introduction that lovingly presents the craft 
  • Create 22 magical objects for rituals, divination, at home, and on the go
  • Includes resources on pagan festivals for rituals, the magical powers of plants, the meaning of colors, magic signs and symbols, and moon phases

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eISBN: 9781644032800