Carol Armstrong's Patches & Posies Class Plan

Rose Basket

Class Description

  • A fun appliqué design with a touch of appliquéd patches and a bit of embellishment.
  • A small quilt project for anyone from expert to the beginner with a lot of sewing experience.

Class Length: 2 - 3 hour classes

A 3-hour class will get students started with the basic skills and have much of the appliqué finished depending on experience.  Discuss the various touches of embellishments throughout the book. Second 3-hour class can cover borders, quilting and binding as well as answer any appliqué questions from any homework completed.

Class Supplies

Classroom Preparation

  • Cutting and pressing stations
  • Lightboxes to share

Class Outline -  Refer to the book for page numbers as noted

  1. Begin with the basic explanation of lightbox appliqué (page 7 & 9)
  2. Discuss various embellishments that can be chosen for this project.
  3. Appliqué the design.
  4. Add the border, quilt and bind.