Braque Quilt Pattern

Finished Quilt: 60" x 76" • Modern quilt inspired by Cubist painter Georges Braque

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Dimensions 6.0" x 9.8"
ISBN 9781617452123

Melinda Lin ––

Listen to your art!

Stitch a modern, museum-worthy quilt inspired by Cubist painter and Picasso’s contemporary, Georges Braque. Join blocks in ordered sections to form a visually intricate design with easy piecing and straightforward construction! Sewn from 6 unique blocks of different sizes, this abstract, geometric quilt will help unleash your inner artist.

• Museum-worthy quilt pattern in the style of Cubist painter Georges Braque
• 6 blocks of varying sizes are assembled in ordered sections
• Visually intricate design with easy piecing

For a limited time you can purchase a kit to create this lovely quilt here.

Materials Needed:
8 different black-and-white print and gray print fabrics: 2/3 yard 
4 different gray/blue fabrics: 1/3 yard (or 1 fat quarter) 
3 different yellow fabrics: 1/3 yard (or 1 fat quarter) 
Backing: 47/8 yards 
Binding: 2/3 yards 
Batting: 69˝ . 85˝ 
Use Precuts for the Blocks! 
1 pack of 10˝ . 10˝ squares, 42 count* 
3 packs of 5˝ . 5˝ charm squares, 42 count each* 
7 fat quarters (solid fabrics—I used 4 grays and 3 yellows.) 

* I used 2 packs of 10˝ × 10˝ squares in Jennifer Sampou’s Black & White Collection, with one pack cut into fourths for the 5˝ × 5˝ squares. 

16p color
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eISBN: 9781617452178