ZigZag Bargello Quilt Pattern

ZigZag Bargello Quilt Pattern

Posted by Ruth Ann Berry on Oct 25th 2019

When I first started attending shows with my quilt shop, Quilter's Clinic, we decided to develop a series of ten throw-sized Bargello patterns that all have the same fabric requirements (8 fabrics each of 3 colorways, 3 strips of each fabric arranged in 3 mini Jelly Rolls).That way, using any three rolls, a quilter could make any of the patterns. Today I'm sharing one of the patterns from our five-yard Bargello series, ZigZag. You download the pattern HERE

I have long been fascinated by Bargello quilts because they look so much more complicated than they really are. The process is truly simple, but with the right blending and contrasting, the results can be stunning. I view the Bargello quilt as a dimensional medium having multiple parts: one or more “scribbles” and a “background,” with the scribbles appearing to be painted across the background.

Ruth Ann Berry owned a pharmacy for many years before converting it into a quilt shop. She has written two Bargello quilt books with C&T Publishing: Bargello Quilts in Motion and Braided Bargello Quilts. She lives in Fife Lake, Michigan.

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