Your Dream Creative Space

Your Dream Creative Space

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Jul 21st 2020

Whether it’s a cozy corner, a dedicated room, or a stand-alone studio, we each deserve a creative space that fills us with joy and inspiration. Lilo Bowman’s new book, Love Your Creative Space, is your guide to planning and implementing changes that will revolutionize your precious creative time without straining your budget.

Much more than just a collection of eye-candy photos and organizing tips (though both are here in abundance), Lilo’s book has two unique perspectives woven throughout. First, it carefully considers the needs of those who enjoy multiple needlecrafts, in other words those of us who are not solely quilters, garment sewers, knitters, or embroiderers. Our storage, workspace, and display wish lists are more complex and require more flexibility, and Lilo present solutions to every dilemma.

Second, Lilo includes strategies for adapting creative spaces to accommodate life changes, such as downsizing or physical limitations due to health problems and aging. Her book is a must-have for the long game, helping each of us to stay as creatively fulfilled as possible in every life situation.

Get this book for yourself…give it to a friend…add it to your guild or stitching group’s library. There are so many solutions inside for all the issues that get in the way of playful creativity. Open up these pages and get informed and inspired!


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