Wool Felt Makes for Joyous Animals

Wool Felt Makes for Joyous Animals

Posted by Makiko Arai on Jul 13th 2020

Hi! I'm Makiko Arai, author of Happy Wool Felt Animals. I’m happy that the book has been published in the United States.

I would like to introduce the fun of Needle-felting.

I have liked handicrafts and animals since I was a child.

I grew up with many animals, cows, dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens on a ranch in the countryside. And I loved drawing, making stuffed animals, and clay crafting.

After graduating from university, I got a job at an animation production company, but I wanted to make dolls, so I chose to freelance instead.

I started making animals with wool about 15 years ago.

Wool felt is the perfect material for making animals. 

Needle-felting is a free and creative handicraft.

Here are some reasons why I like it.

1. I like the fluffy texture and natural color of wool. There are a wide range of colors, even the same white color, such as clear white or warm beige. When I look at it, I can see the animals. Because I seem to be stroking animals, I feel good just by touching them.

2. I have fun when making facial expressions for animals, and drawing body patterns. In the final step of making animals, I can draw any expression I like, such as a laughing face or a smirking face. It's very exciting! Drawing a pattern, like a tabby cat, is a difficult but fun task.

3. With wool, I can make everything from small brooches to big animals. Making a brooch can be done easily as soon as I come up with it. Making a big animal is time consuming and difficult but has a sense of accomplishment. I want you to try!

4. I like taking pictures of finished animal dolls. I take pictures of them with flowers, in different poses, and sometimes in nature. When taken in nature, they appear to be alive and moving.

I also work in animation video and print with my husband.

We work on printed materials such as book covers using photos, and create animation.

Here are some of our works:

Thank you for reading.

I hope you are interested in wool felt and start making some of these projects!


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