Woodburning Workshop Book Tour & 10 Day Giveaway

Woodburning Workshop Book Tour & 10 Day Giveaway

Posted by Court O’Reilly on Sep 26th 2022

Hey everyone! It’s Court O’Reilly here, also known as Hippie North in the world of woodburning. I am the author and artist of my new book, Woodburning Workshop.

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If you want to learn the fundamental knowledge and skills required to woodburn with ease and confidence then my book is for you. I have been teaching in-person introductory woodburning workshops for many years and I learned common questions beginners had, what skills and techniques beginners were receptive to, and how to teach someone with no prior drawing experience.

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I used this valuable information to create an in-depth Woodburning Workshop book where I included additional woodburning information, skills, techniques, and 10 step-by-step projects to follow along with to enhance your learning experience.

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You will learn all about choosing and using different woodburning tools, wood, additional materials, as well as my 10 must-know woodburning techniques to complete any personal woodburning project from start to finish. In 10-12 simple steps you can follow along each unique woodburning project in the book on ten different wooden items and surfaces. These include woodburning pine tree designs on wooden coasters, adding acrylic paint to a rustic birch tree hook rack, free-handing water reflection details on a nature landscape wooden box, and creating a realistic great-horned owl design.

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My students walk away from my in-person workshops impressed with their new skills and art. I hope you too finish my new book feeling just as delighted & ready to continue learning and burning on your woodburning journey!

Woodburning Workshop Tour Schedule

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Tuesday September 27 @silentforestdesigns

Wednesday September 28 @hannahveiga.studio

Thursday September 29 @walnuthollow

Friday September 30 @theweeklybloom

Saturday October 1 @reinamor_apw

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Tuesday October 4 @razertip

Wednesday October 5 @hippienorth

Comment your woodburning project bucktlist below for a chance to win an ebook copy of Woodburning Workshop! We will announce the winner on this post on October 6, so make sure to check back in!


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