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What We Love to Read

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Apr 30th 2019

At C&T Publishing, it's a pretty safe bet that our employees like to read. But what books do they crack open? Other than quilting, sewing, and embroidery books, of course. ;) We asked everyone who works in the office, and here are the answers we got. Prepare to add some books to your reading list!

Angela: I love to read anything and everything, but my go-tos are horror and mysteries ... the scarier the better, but I do need a happy ending! :-)

Linda: In a former life, I read German novels and plays. Nowadays I can't seem to find time to read an entire book! I mostly read news stories of all kinds on my digital devices since I don't get broadcast news. I can get swept away for hours reading in-depth reporting about science, politics, current events, and even fashion, music, and entertainment.

Betsy: Escapism all the way for me! I just finished The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman, a time-traveling, fun adventure with a Librarian as the heroine. Loved it!

Alice: Mysteries—still have several letters to go through in Sue Grafton's alphabet series. Biographies—latest is on actress Tippi Hedren. And (nerd alert!) editing-related books—like Woe Is I and The Subversive Copy Editor.

Tim: I'm not really a read-for-fun guy. I'd much rather visually see a story than read it. When I do find myself reading it's usually about something I wanted to learn, or teach myself how to do something.

Amy: I love historical fiction! For a while I was reading the Philippa Gregory books about the Tudors. I also read the Outlanders series and fell in love with it. I am really interested in history, so I'll read anything about the first or second World Wars. When I was a kid I always won the prize for the most pages read in a month. And my family made fun of me as we traveled across the country when I was thirteen, because I had my nose stuck in a book the whole time and never looked out the window. I also used to have so many late library books that they had to be returned at night, under the cover of darkness.

April: These days, I do read a lot for fun, but it's all to my kids. Some of our current series interests are BeastQuest, Underworlds, Troll Hunters, and Secrets of Droon.

Sue: A good cozy mystery.

Jen: Mostly fiction or historical fiction. I always have something going with a stack of next reads (or a virtual stack on my Kindle). Right now I'm reading Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan.

Amber: Historical fiction, dystopian fiction, travel, non-fiction—I inhale books. I would go broke if I did not have Kindle unlimited!

Jennifer: I like to sink into someone else’s world for a while. More often than not, I’m reaching for books about the bizarre, the nightmarish, and the dystopian (H.P. Lovecraft, Franz Kafka, Aldous Huxley). I love the thrill of a good horror story!

Debbie: I simply love to read. I tend to be quite the magpie and bounce around to whatever catches my interests. I'm interested in fiction, biographies, historical works, books about the human element (why we do whatever), and even cookbooks. And I listen in the car as well. My commute soundtrack is currently Wicked, a book I couldn't seem to get into reading, but am enjoying listening to. I'm currently reading A Billion Echoes! This is the last book in a young adult sci-fi trilogy, written by my god-daughter, Janci Patterson.

Gailen: I read for the escapism. I love getting sucked into a great story. I always have two books going ... one to read (often on my Kindle, but definitely with physical books as well) and one to listen to. You can get unabridged audio books from the library, so I always have one going, one queued up to listen to next, and then a bunch on my wish list to get next.

Kelly: The stories take me away to another era, place, or situation ... like watching a movie but I get to picture the characters the way I see them.

Sarah: I like to read women's fiction and also memoirs most. I belong to a book group so I usually have a great book on hand to read for my next book group meeting. 

Deirdre: Everything! I read a lot of fantasy and history, but my interests can be pretty eclectic. I usually have one physical book, one ebook, and one audiobook going at any given time, but recently I've gotten myself into several books in each format at once. Right now I'm reading Sea of Poppies, Clay's Ark, and The Scorpio Races on audiobook, The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens and Notes of a Native Son on ebook, and Will Do Magic for Small Change, Mirrors, and Parzival as physical books. 

Dawn: Reading is the best non-vacation there is. Instead of asking Calgon to take you away, simply pick up a book and be transported!

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