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Posted by Christen Brown on Jun 10th 2021

Why Plan?

The question that you may be asking yourself is Why Plan, or why take the time to write all this stuff down? My answer to you is a question, Why NOT Plan? Why not allow yourself the time to get more organized, to keep a journal for all of your creative projects, both large and small?

This is a 12-month planner, but your planning can begin at any time of the year. For a quick reference guide, you can list Events by month, under My Creative Goals. This may be a birthday, charity auction or show entry that you are planning to create something for. My Action Plan provides a place to list the specific details of these projects such as Task List/Action, Due, and Completed, in a monthly overview format.

The main portion of the book revolves around the 12 Project color wheel and 12-month Project Log. There are 4 pages dedicated for each of the 12 main projects. The first page is for filling out the basics: Project Info, Planning the Project, Materials, Construction & Assembly, and then a Wrap Up section for lessons learned. The next page is where you list your Task Checklist which will correspond to the 12 Project color wheel; then a section for Fabric & Supplies that you have on hand or may need to purchase. The third page is for the actual Swatches and Samples, where you can list specifics and attach bits of fabric and threads etc. The fourth page is for you to draw out your Inspiration and Sketches.

I designed and embroidered the cover piece using the 12-colors and color wheel concept that are used throughout the planner. Sprinkled throughout the planner you will find close-up sections of 14 of my previously published artworks, and a few inspirational pages, that I hope will encourage your creative spirit to enjoy and breathe in the moment.

Planning Goals

Photograph taken by Felix Mayorca

Take a look at this room! I bet your room/s look something similar to this when you are working on a project, or 10 at a time! Planning just saves time, eliminates pulled out hair and perhaps imbibing too many glasses of wine!

In addition to the large projects, I thought that it would also be helpful to have a Small Projects log, and a Works-in-Progress Log. It just makes sense to keep all of your creative aspirations in one handy planner. There are also blank pages throughout the book for you to jot down notes, and Future Project Ideas.

Another helpful feature is the tracking section for your monthly/yearly activities. This section includes the Class Tracker, Stitch Along Time with Friends, Holiday Projects Tracker, Gift Tracker, and Competitions & Show Entries.

Your social activities and contacts such as Guilds and Organizations, Stitching Friends, and upcoming Conferences can be listed with dates, addresses, and phone numbers, because your brain can only hold so much information in it at one time. Your favorite stores and repair shops are important too, so there is a spot to list them as well.

The planner ends with a Reference section, that includes The Basics, Choosing the Correct Needle, Tips from the Field and Embroidery Specifics.

I hope that you all enjoy the well-planned creative journey. Keep stitchin’ my friends!



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