Use Scraps, Make Space

Use Scraps, Make Space

Posted by Jeanie German on Jan 6th 2017

Have you ever thought, “It sure would be nice to have that corner back for the ficus”?

This could be a plant. Photo by Judy Gauthier.

But no. Instead, the corner is dedicated to all those lovely, beautiful scraps of fabric you just couldn’t part with—and now you don’t have to. In Rainbow Quilts for Scrap Lovers, author and scrap-whisperer Judy Gauthier details how anyone, from beginner to experienced sewist, can turn their fabric leftovers into a stunning main course.

The question now is, what will you do with that freed-up corner? Well, if you must have a space for scraps, Gauthier also gives tips on how to organize that stash!

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