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Two More Adventures for Sarah, Sophie, and Their Retirement Community Cohorts

Posted by Carol Dean Jones on Jan 9th 2019

In January, C&T Publishing will be releasing the last two books in my Quilting Cozy series, Tattered & Torn and Left Holding the Bag.

Both books reach into the past. In Tattered & Torn, Sarah and Sophie search for the history of an abandoned quilt discovered in a local consignment shop.

“I feel very drawn to this quilt or perhaps to the woman who made it. I feel as if this quilt needs something from me, and I know that makes no sense at all.”

In Left Holding the Bag, these two feisty women allow a trunk filled with vintage feedsack fabrics to lead them through the mystery of a missing girl.

Together Sophie and Sarah learn about the long narrow cot quilts quickly made by quilters for their young sons to carry off to war. Later they discover the world of Featherweights when Sophie spots the small wonder in the window of a secondhand store.

Both books offer history, mystery, fun, and friendship. And, as always, lots of quilting. Both books contain the pattern for the cover quilt which is featured in the book.

Will this be the end of the series? Time will tell. Stay tuned.