Twist & Turn Quilts: A Bonus Pattern!

Twist & Turn Quilts: A Bonus Pattern!

Posted by Cinzia White on Feb 12th 2024

Unleash your creativity with a stunning circle quilt using bonus patterns from Cinzia White's books, Twist & Turn Quilts and Dazzling New York Beauty Sampler! Follow along with instructions and additional resources to bring this fun project to life. Let's get quilting!

Note before starting: In the given patterns and FPP, the solid lines are the cutting lines and the dotted lines are the sewing lines.

Fabric Requirements

  • Maroon checkered fabric - 1 1/4 yards for outer background and inner circle
  • Dark maroon tone-on-tone fabric - 6 1/2’’ for inner wedges
  • Green and white striped fabric - 1/2 yard for outer wedges
  • Maroon spotted tone-on-tone fabric - 4’’ for arrows
  • Mustard tone-on-tone fabric - 1/2 yard for path
  • Binding fabric - 1/3 yard


The templates can also be found in Twist & Turn Quilts (pages 86 & 88).

  • K and L for block A

  • O and P for block C


Maroon checkered fabric

  • Cut a square from the fabric. This will be between 40’’ to 44’’ depending on the width of the fabric.
  • Fold the fabric in quarters to find the centre. Lightly press to leave an imprint in the fabric.
  • Draw a 25’’ circle on the back. This is the sewing line. Mark quarter points between each imprint line.
  • Cut 1/4’’ inside this line (24 1/2’’ radius).
  • Using the circle template provided cut 1 inner circle from the leftovers.

Dark maroon tone-on-tone fabric

  • Cut 24 inner wedges, 1/2’’ seam allowance needed on ALL sides.

Green and white striped fabric

  • Cut 20 outer, 4 end and 4 end reversed wedges, 1/2’’ seam allowance needed on ALL sides.

Maroon spotted tone-on-tone fabric

  • Using templates cut 12, Template K and 12, Template L for the arrows. Include all markings.

Mustard tone-on-tone fabric

  • Using templates cut 12 Template P and 12, Template O for the path.

Binding fabric

  • Cut 5 strips 2 1/2’’ x WOF (Width of Fabric) for binding.

Construction Overview

The steps in this are identical to those for Trail 1, Trails (page 64 in Twist & Turn Quilts).

1. To construct the path, join each arrow to its neighboring path piece and press.

2. Join the 12 sections for the inner path together. Make 12.

3. Join the 12 sections for the outer path together. Make 12.

4. Join the two path sections together. Press and set aside.

5. Print four copies of the foundation papers on light weight paper or vilene. Join together the 24 dark maroon Inner Wedges and the 20 green Outer Reversed Wedges.  

6. Piece the four New York Beauty Sampler sections.

Note: the points are shorter and don’t go as far as either edge of the arcs allowing them to float in the final block … this means that your points won’t be cut off when joining to surrounding fabric.

7. Trim seam allowance to 1/4’’ on all sides.

8. Join the sections together.

9. Sew the inner circle into the middle of the New York Beauty Sampler.

10. Sew the completed NYB into the path.

11. Sew the path into the background.

12. Join the binding strips using 45 degree seams. Trim seam allowance to 1/4’’. Press seams open. Press in half lengthwise.

13. Using 1/4’’ seams attach binding.

Alternate Colorway Fabrics

Quilt made by Carolyn Trezona

Fabric Requirements

  • Olive green fabric - 1 13/4yards for outer background and binding
  • Royal blue tone-on-tone fabric - 6 1/2’’ for inner wedges
  • Orange fabric - 1/2 yard for outer wedges
  • Burnt orange fabric - 4’’ for arrows
  • Cream tone-on-tone fabric - 1/2 yard for path
  • Multi-coloured brown fabric - Fat quarter for inner circle and contrast wedges.

Additional Resources

Videos to support this sew-along may be found on Cinzia's Facebook Group and in this Google Drive Folder.


Cinzia White has been quilting for more than 30 years. Twist & Turn Quilts is her third book following her hexagon sampler, The Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt (from C&T Publishing), and her Dazzling New York Beauty Sampler Quilt (from C&T Publishing). She has also published numerous patterns in Australian and American patchwork magazines and has taught throughout Australia. Cinzia lives in Gerringong, NSW, Australia, and can be found on the Facebook page @mycinziawhitedesigns.