Travel Across America with Row by Row

Travel Across America with Row by Row

Posted by Debra Gabel on Jun 16th 2017

I am excited about my new C&T book,  Color by Number Travel Across America Coloring Book! This is a coloring book with the added bonus of a color chart and numbers to allow you to color by number. You will enjoy all 50 US states and five popular national parks. Each page is plain on the back to avoid bleeding of markers, should you choose to color with them. Also, each page is perforated for easy removal.

As owner of the pattern company Zebra Patterns, I am known for my hundreds of destination panels and patterns featuring countries, cities, and US states in the form of faux postage stamps. I have two previous books with C&T, Quilt Blocks Across America and Quilt Blocks Around the World, which featured several of these exciting locations. Now we have an interactive way to enjoy our US states and national parks. Visit my website to see all the wonderful destination stamps:

What you may not know is that I am also the Creative Director for Row by Row Experience®. Row by Row Experience® is the international shop hop, with over 2,800 quilt shops worldwide, that runs all summer long! When quilters are traveling from shop to shop there can be some long roads. Why not grab some colored pencils, markers, or crayons and color while you are traveling! It is great for quilters and for kids traveling with quilters. This year’s theme for Row by Row is “On The Go!” Visit the website: for details about the event and names of participating shops. Plan a day or a weekend or even the whole summer to visit as many shops as you can! Take your coloring book along while you are “On The Go!” and creatively enjoy the journey! 

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