This is Mouse

Posted by Debbie Rodgers on Dec 3rd 2014

I am the lucky Technical Editor that got to work on This Is Mouse—An Adventure in Sewing. The author, Br

As you might have guessed, the critters in the first 3 books are all made with socks. Not so for this new version. These new animals are made with all kinds of fabrics. Brenna and I worked on fine-tuning the patterns and instructions for kids to make them.

Being a kid at heart, I just had to try making Mouse. I mean, I had to test the pattern, right? I have a tough job. And then I had to check Giraffe. And Penguin. And then, while diving into my stash, I found the perfect fabrics for Seal, Rabbit, Elephant and Whale. It takes a lot to do my job.

So this menagerie has been sitting on the bookshelf by my desk. They’ve occasionally been on short trips, visiting other cubicles. But those were just warm ups for their big adventure. Sandy, in sales, wanted to take them along to Book Expo America in New York City! This was a really big adventure. And, well, any traveler knows you need luggage.

Buy This Is Mouse—An Adventure in Sewing, and create an adventure of your own.