The Quilting Cozy Series + Giveaway!

The Quilting Cozy Series + Giveaway!

Posted by Carol Dean Jones on Jan 6th 2020

The first book in this series, Tie Died: a quilting cozy, opens in Cunningham Village retirement community located in the Midwest.

Sarah Miller, in her early seventies, resisted leaving the home where she raised her family, but her daughter, not wanting her mother to be alone, insisted that she move to the Village. Sarah reluctantly agreed.

It’s immediately obvious that Sarah is a survivor and knows how to get the most out of life. Within weeks she becomes friends with Sophie ward, a fun-loving, flamboyant neighbor and by the end of her first year, Sarah has friends, a new hobby (quilting, of course), and, with her feisty friend Sophie begins solving mysteries, to the chagrin of the local police department.

Throughout the series, Sarah’s life continues to expand. She takes classes at the village community center and joins the electronics age. Her quilting life explodes as she enjoys a quilting cruise in the Caribbean and an adventure-laden quilt retreat in the Great Smokey Mountains.

In every book, there is a mystery. Sometimes it’s a murder, a kidnapping, or perhaps a disappearance. Always Sarah and Sophie are there to follow the clues.

But don’t expect a thriller! This series are cozy mysteries. Cozies are novels with no explicit violence or sex. (the crime takes place ‘off-stage’). A cozy is more about relationships and interactions among the characters as they share their hobby (in this case, quilting) and solve the mystery. Cozies are excellent reading on a cold afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate or on the beach under an umbrella with an iced drink. Cozies are fun.

Most of the characters in The Quilting Cozy series are in their seventies. In my own reading, I was aware that the characters in most books, cozies included, tended to be younger people and focused on the problems they face. As a retired geriatric social worker, it occurred to me that we older folks should have center stage in a series.

Now I don’t mean to imply that all the characters are elderly. The residents of Cunningham Village have grown children and grandchildren who have roles in the stories, and the quilt club at the local quilt shop includes a wide range of ages.

The backstory, however, is not about younger people’s issues: dating, career, the perfect mate, marriage and divorce. Instead, the backstory deals with real issues that elderly folks face. The characters in this series face these issues in creative ways while continuing an active life, enjoying their relationships, hobbies, and activities.

The books in this series don’t need to be read in order; however, the backstory develops over time, so they are best read from the beginning. That way you, as the reader, can be a part of the relationships as they develop.

Is their love after seventy? Marriage?

I hope you’ll give the series a try if any of the above piques your interest.

I also would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think after you’ve read a few of the books.

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