The Color of Folk Art–Wool Appliqué Folk Art Blog Tour Kickoff!

The Color of Folk Art–Wool Appliqué Folk Art Blog Tour Kickoff!

Posted by Rebekah L. Smith on Aug 24th 2015

Welcome to the kickoff for the Wool Appliqué Folk Art blog tour! Today, Rebekah L. Smith starts off the tour by talking about her sources of color inspiration in her work. See below for the full blog tour schedule and follow along! Plus, we're giving away a copy of Wool Appliqué Folk Art to one lucky reader!

There is a lot to say about color. It is a subject that I never tire of as a folk art painter and textile artisan. I have been choosing and coordinating colors for clients my whole career.

When I got started in wool appliqué, it quickly became apparent that I was not just satisfied with buying beautifully dyed wools, but I needed to make these colors myself. My particular palette is strongly influenced by two things: nature's hues and the time-worn patinas of antiques.

My family and I have always spent a lot of time walking trails in our great park systems. It is a wonderful source of earth tones and textures. I often see something new that I have to reproduce in the dye pot. It can be as simple as the way moss grows on a rock or the sudden sprouting of toadstools. What a satisfaction to find a wonderful color which often brings inspiration for its use.

Another way I research color is to study the effects of time and use on antique furniture, paper, and textiles, to name a few examples. This is called patina, and I am drawn to those old, faded (and sometimes dirtied) tones. There are several ways to gain access to pieces for observation; my favorites are museums and antique shows and shops.

Whether your tastes are a soft aged palette or bright fun colors, there are so many ways to be inspired about color. Take a walk down the street or through the woods. You might be surprised at what causes you to stop and consider what colors to use in your next wool appliqué or other artistic endeavor.

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Plus, you can win a free copy of Wool Appliqué Folk Art by entering our giveaway here: a Rafflecopter giveaway. Hard copy for US winner or ebook for international winner ; we will pull and announce a winner one week from today.

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