The Best Parts of a Retreat

The Best Parts of a Retreat

Posted by Jen Lopez on Feb 9th 2024

Going on a quilt retreat is always a fun and rewarding experience. In addition to the treat of getting to go to some new city or town, you are surely going to drop in on a new quilt shop or two, but going on a retreat is not just the excitement of visiting new places. There are many other rewards: 

  • Inspiration – Seeing what other people are working on is a great way to get inspired for new projects. Imagine the same quilt in a different color way or a new size!
  • Motivation – Being amidst some very productive people is the best way to finally find the get-up-and-go to finish up some nagging UFOs. 
  • Education – If there is a technique you are struggling with, there is guaranteed to be someone there who can help you out and is more than happy to do so. I’m talking about you, mitered corners!
  • Communication – The chance to talk endlessly about all things quilt related all day and all night is a delight for me, and a welcome respite for my poor hubby who mercifully got to stay behind.

If you have a chance to go on a retreat, you most certainly should. You will definitely learn some new quilting techniques, come home with a bunch of new ideas and no doubt make some quilty friends in the process.


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