Nov 6th 2019

Have you heard the latest news? TAP Transfer Artist Paper is now available for pre-order! 

Don't know what TAP is? It's a premium-quality paper that allows you to iron images onto virtually any surface, from wood to glass to fabric to metal. The transfer process is easy and effective!

TAP is: 

  •  Inkjet printer compatible meaning the TAP goes inside the printer without any problems.
  •  Washable and crack-resistant on fabric

TAP can:

  • Provide an extraordinarily intact and smooth transferred image
  • Have a shiny or matte finish
  • Transfer images that are crisp and colorfast
  • Layer transferred images for a collaged look

Lesley Riley is TAP's spokesperson and expert and her new helpful tutorials will inspire your next project- especially as the holiday gift giving season approaches. Check out our video by Lesley Riley for a visual reference to see how TAP works!

TAP is available in both 18-pack and 5-pack.

Pre-order TAP 18 Iron-on Image Transfer Sheets here and TAP 5 Iron-on Image Transfer Sheets here

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