Take the Creative Quilt Challenge!

Take the Creative Quilt Challenge!

Posted by Pat Pease and Wendy Hill on Feb 3rd 2017

Today we're offering a quilting challenge from our book, Creative Quilt Challenges, to break you out of your creative rut and inspire new ideas. We can't to see what you come up with!

Challenge: Reimagine an Old Block with a New Twist

About This Challenge

Many quilters have a favorite traditional block regardless of the kinds of quilts they make. For this challenge, take an old favorite block pattern and adapt it in a new way.

Make It Your Own

Consider the following factors when shaping your own Reimagine challenge:

  • Decide whether to make one block or an entire quilt.
  • Have everyone contribute one block to a group quilt (for a fundraiser, donation, or gift).
  • Have everyone use the same block or allow participants to choose their own.

We decided to adapt our own favorite blocks from the large family of strip-pieced blocks known as Log Cabin. With so many traditional and innovative variations in the Log Cabin category, many quilters say they’d choose this pattern if they could work with only one pattern for the rest of their lives. Wendy chose White House Steps while Pat couldn’t wait to work with the Bright Hopes block again.

What did we learn? Exploring the anatomy of a familiar block allows you to go in new directions while being grounded in a foundation that you already understand. Starting with something you understand frees you up to try new things without getting overwhelmed.

Stepping Out by Wendy Hill, 19˝ × 39˝

Wendy deconstructs White House Steps blocks and uses them as the focal point.

Bright Hopes 2 by Pat Pease, 46˝ × 48˝

Pat makes Bright Hopes blocks improvisationally and repeats them for the whole quilt.

What old block will you choose to reimagine?

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