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Quilting Tips: Washing Fabric

Posted by The Tech Editors on Dec 14th 2009

Some quilters pre-wash their fabric before sewing, others don’t. It becomes a personal decision on what is best for you.If you decide to pre-wash fabric in the washing machine, use a lingerie bag to c … read more

Quilting Tips: Stitching in the Ditch

Posted by The Tech Editors on Nov 30th 2009

Oftentimes, you might want to use lines of machine quilting that surround your blocks to anchor the three layers of your quilt top together, or you may just enjoy the pattern created from these lines … read more

Quilting Tips: Printing Images on Fabric

Posted by The Tech Editors on Nov 16th 2009

Now that digital cameras are so easy to purchase and use, and the computer software has become so user-friendly, the ability to print your digital images on fabrics is just too good to pass up. Welcom … read more

Quilting Tips: Building a Fabric Stash

Posted by The Tech Editors on Nov 2nd 2009

Collecting fabrics that you love for future quilts may be the most fun part of the quilting process. Categorizing and organizing your fabric pieces by color is an easy way to arrange them so that you … read more

Quilting Tips: Finishing the Quilt: Tying

Posted by The Tech Editors on Oct 15th 2009

At some point in the quilt-making process you will decide how to finish off your quilt: Hand quilting, machine quilting or tying are 3 possibilities. Regardless of the method, you will need to create … read more