Quilting Tips: Printing Images on Fabric

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Now that digital cameras are so easy to purchase and use, and the computer software has become so user-friendly, the ability to print your digital images on fabrics is just too good to pass up. Welcome to the 21st century!

Your own photos are the best source of images to print on fabric.

When printing on fabric, make a test print on paper first so you don’t waste ink or fabric sheets. Use a black and white version to help with placement or size of the finished print. When you are happy with that, then make a color print on paper. Use the Draft or Fast option to save on ink and get a feel for what the finished print will look like. When everything feels like it is working, then make your final print on fabric sheets.

This tip comes from the book Innovative Fabric Imagery for Quilts by Cyndy Lyle Rymer and Lynn Koolish.

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